How to Order and Covered Buttons Prices

Step 1 : Download and print our Order Form

Please add your details to our order form and send them along with your prepared material. We can accept a cheque payment or you can request an invoice that can be paid by bank transfer while your buttons are being produced. 

So, if you have any special instructions with your order you can add a comment on the form and we will be happy to to follow your instruction.

In order to ensure your request is followed through without delay, please check we have a telephone contact number in case we need to speak to you regarding your order. 

Step 2: Download our Covered Button Price List 2022

Our covered button prices are very competitive and come with the quality of product that our customers have come to expect over the years. Prices are charged per button. Customers that place orders of 500 items or above, may receive a special offer a discount on our regular covered button prices. So, if you are interested in this, please make your request upon application.

Step 3 : Prepare your material for postage

We want to make sure your order is carried out to the highest standard. For this reason, please click the link below for instructions on how to prepare your material for your button order.

No problem! You can send your order onto us by email and when we receive your material, we will match up to your emailed order and then invoice you for payment. You will then be able to make a bank transfer to cover the fee whilst your order is being processed. CLICK HERE to complete the online order. 

No problem! Simply download the order form and complete the section that requests an invoice (include your email address). We will send the invoice onto you and you will be able to make your payment via bank transfer or Paypal whilst your order is being processed. Click and print the order from the link above.

General Data Protection Regulations 

We are committed to the GDPR rules and do not pass on your contact information or use it for anything other than that related to your order.