About Us

Landers covered buttons history. "We have been passionate about our dressmaking services for more than 55 years."

Landers Covered Buttons history and story has come a long way since the very early formative years of the early sixties. Originally located in Islington, North London and Berwick Street, deep in the heart of London’s Soho, we have been through a series of transformations riding the good times and the bad times of the UK dressmaking industry’s history since those early days. We have weathered many recessions and have cut our clothe when called upon to ensure our customers receive the very best service, at the most competitive prices.
We hope to carry on providing the same expert service, meeting fresh business challenges, as we sail through beyond the stormy ‘Covid 19’ seas. One thing that will not change over time and that is our friendly service and quality product. We’ll make sure of that!

Our covered buttons supplies many dressmakers throughout the fashion and bespoke dressmaking industry. We have a rich history of supplying fancy button styles to the famous in past years. As product demand has changed over the years, we have also altered our range to provide a relevant product whilst retaining competitive prices

Of course the old classic simple styles never go very far out of fashion and we have been delighted to continue supplying our popular Dome and HiBall styles. However, in the meantime , and talking of Landers covered buttons history, we still retain the old dyes and machinery that may meet any retrospective recall of old styles in the future.

Today, our services are by mail order only, providing a web-based alternative to our customers. We have a very quick turnaround of orders. We are contactable by phone and offer a flexible delivery service if needed. Just give us a call and we’ll be delighted to be of assistance.